We Can! KY

We Can! KY

“My kids drink more soft drinks in a day than I drank in a month when I was that age.”

“My son wants to play video games 24/7. It feels like a constant battle to set limits and get him moving.”

“I’m so tired at the end of the work day, we end up at fast food restaurants more than I would like.”

If any of these statements from Lexington parents sound familiar, the We Can! KY website can help. It’s chock full of practical, realistic ideas to support parents in helping their kids eat better, move more, and reduce screen time. Based on over 51 focus groups the Coalition held with Lexington parents and youth, it gets to the heart of what Lexington families care about.  www.wecanky.org

There are also 4 week We Can! group sessions available to parents. If Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Dr. Phil designed a program for parents, it would be We Can! KY. There’s Oprah’s I-feel-your-pain support, fun and easy food suggestions that Rachel would approve of, and an accountability Dr. Phil would applaud. Contact Anita Courtney for more information.  anitac@qx.net.