TNFC in the News

At the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, we have been fortunate enough to receive several opportunities to share our stories.

Better Bites

How to Get An Easy A in School Lunches (Article, August 2016)

Tips for Packing Healthy School Lunches (Video, August 2016)

Tips for Packing School Lunch, Think Bento Box (Article, July 2016)

Courtney Helped Improve Food, Fitness Culture (Article, July 2016) 

Helping Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits (Article, February 2016)

Out of Ideas for Your Child’s Lunch Already? Here’s Help. (Article, August 2015)

Chew on This: Fitness Efforts Have Worked (Article, August 2015)

Better Bites Eats Into Childhood Obesity (Article, August 2015)

Better Bites on KET (Video, April 2015) 

Plan a Fat-Free Birthday Party…Well, Maybe Reduced Fat (Article, January 2015)

Better Bites Report Card: Kids Prefer Fruit to Chicken Nuggets (Article, November 2014)

Good News: Healthy Snacks a Hit at Public Pools (Article, October 2014)

New Food Bike Provides Lexington Kids With Healthier Options (Article, June 2013)

Expert Advice: Pick One Winnable Challenge Per Week (Article, May 2013)

Advocate of Healthy Eating Hopes For a Day When It’s the Norm, Not The Exception (Article, April 2013)

Lexington Middle School’s Snack Bar Makes a Healthy – and Popular – Change (Article, March 2013)

Take Small Steps to Get Your Family Moving (Article, January 2013)

Halloween Nutrition Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare (Article, October 2012)

Swimming and Healthy Dinner Part of Veggin’ Out Event (Article, June 2012)

School Wellness Action Plan

Time is Right For School Wellness Magnet (Article, March 2016)

FCPS Wellness Report Is ‘Strongest So Far’ (Article, March 2016)

Wellness Magnet School, Healthy Snacks Recommended for Fayette Schools (Article, February 2016)

Anita Courtney: Stand Together for Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools (Article, November 2014)

Recess, Food Shouldn’t Be Used to Punish or Reward, Wellness Advocates Tell Fayette School Board (Article, November 2014)

Rally For Healthier Schools (Article, September 2014)