School Wellness

The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition leads a SWAP (School Wellness Action Plan) Team to support schools in putting their wellness plans into action consistently.  The SWAP Team has representatives from Fayette County Schools administration, principals, teachers,  PTA,   University of KY College of Education, the YMCA, The Good Foods Co-op, the American Heart Association, Cooperative Extension, the Health Department, and parents.  We are promoting three  district-wide policies for Fayette County Public Schools.  They are:

  • End the use of food as reward.
  • Require daily recess for all elementary students. (This means not taking away recess as punishment or to do remedial work and having an indoor recess strategy for inclement weather.)
  • Include healthy food options at school celebrations.

Why School Wellness Matters: The Learning Connection

School wellness makes sense—healthy eating and physical activity enhance learning by increasing concentration and good behavior and decreasing absenteeism. Schools are logical places to reinforce healthy habits because they are the institutions that set standards for youth on many topics. Large numbers of kids are in schools for extended periods of time, making it an ideal location to reinforce positive lifestyle habits.

Children in school today represent the first generation that is predicted to have shorter life expectancies than their parents. Incorporating healthy habits into school environments is vital for our children’s well being now and in the future. Here is a Power Point presentation on the topic:  The Learning Connection value of school wellness. 

 Support  School Wellness in Your School

Let your school board member know you support stronger school wellness policy district-wide.

Find out what School District you are in here.

Find your School Board Member here.

Sample letter of support


  • Click here for information about why each of these polices is important:  SWAP 1 pager handout (3)
  • Click here to see what community members have to say about school wellness. The community speaks out about school wellness
  • Click here to see the slide deck presented to the Board of Education on SWAP: fcps board swap
  • Click here, here and here to see editorials/articles  supporting school wellness in the Lexington Herald leader.
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the SWAP Policies  FAQ’s (2)
  • Click here to sign the online FCPS Petition to pass three recommendations to the Fayette County Public Schools wellness policy.

Every school needs a PAL (Physical Activity Leader)

PALs are trained to champion and coordinate more physical activity in schools. Anyone connected to a school can be a PAL-classroom teachers, PE teachers, FRYSCs, parents, principals, etc.  FREE training is available.  Click here for more info: .  PAL flyer


Join Us.

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