Extreme Makeover: Afterschool Snack Shop Edition


Two middle schools in Lexington, Kentucky are revolutionizing the way students snack . Southern and Tates Creek Middle are now offering delicious, healthy snacks at their afterschool snack shops in place of the traditional junk food concession stand offerings. Instead of chips, candy, and soda, students can now purchase fresh fruit, smoothies, veggies, protein bars, and water to keep them satisfied and powered up for their after school sporting events and activities. The healthier snack options meet the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition’s Better Bites nutrition standards.




Many schools use afterschool snack shops as a fundraising mechanism for school clubs and sports teams.  While it is important for these clubs to make money to help offset  costs,, making money by exploiting students’ health doesn’t make sense.  .  Instead of selling inexpensively-priced junk food, Southern and Tates Creek Middle have taken the necessary steps to offer affordable, healthy snacks to their students to ensure that they are eating well and feeling good. Selling healthy food in afterschool snacks shops is a win-win for school clubs and students.


To learn more about how you can start a healthy snack shop or makeover an existing snack shop in your school, check out the Bringing Better Bites to Your School Snack Shop handbook, a Lexington Herald Leader article, and the KET Health 360 program, Champions of Children’s Health. If you have more specific questions about getting started, contact Jocelyn Cowen (jocelyn.cowen@uky.edu).


Southern Middle School Yum Yum Shop


Southern Middle School Yum Yum Shop







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