Better Bites

What is Better Bites. Snack Strong?

The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition partners with groups to bring healthy food that meets Better Bites nutritional guidelines to the places where youth convene: recreational facilities, sports events, after school programs, school concessions, camps, churches and restaurants.  We’ve  even got a Better Bites bike so we can bring more healthy food to more people in more places.  Our goal is that all places that serve food to Lexington youth will feature healthy options.

Why Better Bites?

It’s pretty simple. If we surround kids with unhealthy food, that’s what they’ll eat. If there is healthy food in their homes, schools and communities, that’s what they’ll eat. According to Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention (2012), an expert report from the Institute of Medicine, increasing access to healthy food is a key strategy for reducing obesity.

In addition, there’s a disconnect when the places where children engage in physical activity serve high calorie junk food. Youth can actually gain weight at the pool if they eat typical pool concessions.

Join us!  Become a Part of the Better Bites. Snack Strong Movement.

If you would like to serve healthier food to youth and use the Better Bites brand, graphics and support, please contact Nigel Vinegar, MS, for more details at