Where are Better Bites?

Better Bites at Lexington Parks and Recreation Pools

Lexington public pools  were the first to offer Better Bites. Click here to see a 5 minute video about it.  In 2011, Lexington Parks and Recreation added 8 healthy items to their concession stand menu. In 2012 they expanded the healthy options further, making half of their menu items Better Bites. Currently, Better Bites are offered at Woodland, Southland, Castlewood and Shillito pools. The 2013 menu was even better with more healthy and delicious options. For more information, check out our reports from the first two years.   Better Bites Rethinking Concession Stand Food 2011 and Better Bites Snack Strong Report Year Two

In 2014, fresh fruit outsold chicken nuggets by 3-to-1 at Lexington public pools.  See more here: Better Bites Report_Summer 2014 (2)

Better Bites in Youth Groups

Imagine if the adults who led youth groups in Lexington  incorporated healthy food and active games into their schedules.  Lexington kids would see healthy habits as the new normal and childhood obesity could be reduced. To bring this vision into reality we hold Better Bites in Youth Group workshops  that give adults who lead youth activities practical, youth-tested ideas for incorporating healthy food and active movement into their youth group activities.  Representatives rom Fayette County Public Schools, arts organizations, Girl Scouts, KY Refuge Ministries, medical clinics, YMCA, and Parks and Recreation have attended the workshops, to name a few. Attendees receive a produce preparation bag and a  nifty card ring with our best nutrition and activity ideas. Then they get  the chance to try them out with yogurt parfait relays, veggie cutting demos, a quesadilla party, tips from our Fru-Gal, rolling chair races and more. Organizaitons who sign up as Better Bites partners received water fruit infusion dispensers, smoothie makers and veggie cone display stands. If you want to have a workshop for your group or come to a future workshop, contact Nigel Vinegar, MS, at betterbitesky@gmail.com.

Better Bites in Youth Groups Training – Making quesadillas for lunch.

Better Bites Card Deck with helpful snack and physical activity ideas.

PDF versions of the card decks can be found below.

Better Bites Snack Cards

Better Bites Physical Activity Cards


Better Bites  “Good to Go ” Bike

We’re peddling (or should say pedaling)  healthy food around Lexington on our Better Bites Good to Go Bike, the first food bike in Lexington. Good to Go is like an ice cream truck, only better! We use our bike each week during the school year to meet students in our neighborhood one day of the week and offer a variety of Better Bites snacks. Not only is the bike stocked with healthy food, it also houses fun physical activity equipment -jump ropes, hula hoops, duct tape balls-and a good sound system so can adjust the play list to the venue. We also try to bring the bike to events we attend. Contact betterbitesky@gmail.com for more info or if you’d like Good to Go to come to you. To read an article about the bike click here.

Just for the record- the Better Bites Good to Go Bike is  not a food truck.  We fall in the Peddler Category, meaning we’re on the move.   We don’t stop and set up shop, we just pedal around and go places we’re invited.

  • Better Bites Good to Go Bike is the first food bike in Lexington.

Better Bites at KY State Park Resorts

The children’s menu at all 17 KY State Park Resorts feature Better Bites. Now, instead of automatically serving french fries with every kid’s meal, a bowl of fresh fruit is on the side.


For more information about Kentucky’s great parks check out http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/default.aspx


Better Bites at Lexington Legends Whitaker Bank Ball Park

The Whitaker Bank Ballpark, home of the Lexington Legends minor league baseball team, adopted the Better Bites brand in 2012 and serves only Better Bites items in the children’s area of the park. Visiting youth groups automatically receive Better Bites as part of their ticket price and over 1,000 hot dogs, French fries, and soda combo have been replaced by the healthier menu.


Better Bites at Beaumont YMCA Pool

The Tiki Zone at the Beaumont YMCA pool also adopted the brand in 2012 and had strong sales on Better Bites items.


Better Bites at School Snack Shops

Southern Middle School’s Yum Yum Shop has sold candy and chips to students at the end of the school day for many years as a way to raise funds for school clubs. In Spring 2013 they  transformed the Yum Yum shop to a Better Bites. Snack Strong  venue.  For more information about this extreme makeover read this article in the Lexington Herald Leader.

See the menu:  Yum yum shop flyer (final)

To bring Better Bites to your after school shop, check out this guide: Bringing Better Bites to Your School Snack Shop

  • Southern Middle students making healthy choices at the Yum Yum shop


Better Bites Goes to Camp

In a 2011 survey of Lexington parents, 88% said they would like to have healthier foods offered at the camps their children attend.  The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition is excited to offer  Better Bites to local camps. We help interested camp administrators design an exciting, healthy and feasible menu tailored to the camp and campers, link them to food suppliers that provide healthy items, and promote their  camp as a Better Bites camp. All of this is provided at no cost.

Better Bites Serving Healthy Food to Lexington Campers

Parent Guide to Summer Camp Nutrition