SWAP Policies

Current Policies We Promote

Below you will find our proposed policy changes and tools for implementing them.

End the Use of Food as Reward

Schools will not use food or beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior, and will not withhold food or beverages (including food served through school meals) as a punishment. If an individual student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 recommends the use of food for behavior modification, a teacher may use food as a reward for that student. A party may be used as a reward if it follows the guidelines for celebrations but the emphasis should not be on food (e.g. pizza party, ice cream party).

Click here to read our White Paper:  The Use of Food as Reward in Classrooms–The Disadvantages and Alternatives

Here is a good handout for teachers about constructive rewards.

The Stress Busters for Teachers handout provides practical tips for teachers to adopt healthy habits, increasing the likelihood that they will role model and prioritize school wellness for their students.

Require Daily Recess for All Elementary School Students

All elementary school students will have at least 20 minutes a day of supervised recess, preferably outdoors, during which schools should encourage moderate to vigorous physical activity verbally and through the provision of space and equipment. Students shall not be deprived of physical activity as a consequence for behavior or academic performance. Students shall not be deprived of recess as a consequence of behavior or academic performance. Schools will use indoor recess strategies during inclement weather.

Active Indoor Recess: Minimum Chaos. Maximum Fun. The Active Indoor Recess Guide provides tips for indoor recess for schools on days where the weather is not ideal for outdoor activities.

Alternatives to Withholding Recess contains practical information for teachers and school administrators.

Recess Rules is an excellent online resource that focuses on the importance of recess.

Include Healthy Food in School Celebrations

If more than one item is served at a school or classroom celebration, at least 50% must meet the USDA Smart Snack Guidelines. Encourage schools to serve only water at school events.

For more information about Healthy School Celebrations click here.

You can find suggestions for affordable, easy snacks on our SnackTable handout.

Other Policies We Plan to Promote in the Future

Below you will find policy changes we hope to encourage in the future.

PE and Classroom Teachers Roles in Promoting Activity

All physical education will be taught by a certified physical education teacher though classroom teachers are encouraged to integrate physical activity into their teaching. Movement and activity are encouraged as classroom management techniques.

We highly recommend Go Noodle Physical Activity Brain Breaks for an easy and fun way to get kids moving in a classroom setting. You can sign up for free and have access to several free videos. Some are as short as 2 minutes, but they encourage students to be active and engaged in lessons once the activity is over.

Food Marketing in Schools

School-based marketing and fundraising will be consistent with nutrition education and health promotion.

For more information on fundraisers that are alternatives to traditional candy bar or cookie dough sales, check out this Healthy Fundraisers handout, as well as this Healthy Fundriasers for Schools Tips handout.

Water First Policies in Schools

As of January 2013, four schools in the Fayette County School District have Water First Policies: Mill Creek, Cassidy, Veteran’s Park, and Garden Springs Elementary Schools. Though the policies vary from school to school, they all are designed to encourage more water drinking among students. Some PTAs put Water First and serve no sweetened beverages at school-wide events. Other schools allow students to bring water bottles into classrooms. For more information about our Water First initiative, click here. For additional information, or to get help implementing Water First policies in your child’s school, contact Anita Courtney at anitac@qx.net.