Good Neighbor Stores

Good Neighbor Stores provide free fresh produce to food insecure neighborhoods.

Good Neighbor Stores (GNS) provide free fresh produce in small corner stores in neighborhoods that don’t have a nearby grocery store.  GleanKY and the Justice House volunteers pick up surplus fruits and vegetables from area grocery stores and farmers and deliver them to inner city stores for residents to take on a first come, first serve basis.  The deliveries bring an average of 500 pounds of produce a week.  The produce is usually completely gone  2 to 3 hours after it is delivered.  The produce varies each week but common items are  apples, bananas, white and sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, squash,  and lettuce.  Sometimes the produce is organic and some of it is pre-cut.  Less common items have included melons, peaches, ginger, basil, and stuffed portabella mushrooms.

The stores that receive deliveries are:

F & D Market on the corner of Elm Tree Ln. and Sixth Streets – Tuesdays at noon and sometimes Fridays at noon

Lexington Market: East End on the corner of Race and 3rd Streets – Thursdays at noon

Comments from customers:  “I am two months pregnant and so glad to get this fruit for my baby.”

“There is going to be a good dinner at my house tonight.”

“Vegetables-praise Jesus!”

“My mother is going to be so happy to see this cauliflower.”

Representatives from Tweens Coalition, GleanKY and Lexington Market in front of cooler with free produce

Cooler is usually empty within 2 hours of the produce delivery from GleanKY