The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition is dedicated to making healthy eating and physical activity popular and accessible to Lexington tweens in their homes, schools and communities.


Better Bites

Better Bites brings healthy food to the places where youth convene: recreational facilities, sports events, after school programs, school concessions, camps and restaurants. Our goal is that all places that serve food to Lexington youth will feature healthy options.

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Good Neighbor Store

The Tweens Coalition partners with GleanKY and the Justice House to stock free produce once a week in corner stores in neighborhoods that don’t have access to a nearby grocery. The produce comes from large grocery stores and local farms.

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Water First

Drinking plenty of water is correlated with a healthy weight, as well as a host of other health benefits –improved immune function, dental health and digestion—to name a few. The Water First: Think Your Drink campaign puts water back in its rightful place as the beverage of choice.

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